Rebeca Peña

Administrative Assistant

Rebeca A. Peña was born and raised in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and has lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, since 2001. In 1993, Rebca earned an associate degree in Applied Arts and Design from Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra. In 2015, she received an associate degree in Applied Arts and Sciences from Grand Rapids Community College.

She was part of the pilot program for what became the Urban Church Leadership Center (the Center), and since the Center opened its doors, she has been actively participating in most of the Learning Experiences, retreats, and trainings. In addition, she has been involved in the Family Leadership Initiative for more then eight years and has served as the Site Coordinator. Rebeca was also part of the second cohort of the Hispanic Ministry Program at Calvin Theological Seminary, and she completed the Leading Community Ministry course in 2019 at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

Rebeca is grateful to be the Administrative Assistant at the Urband Church Leadership Center, where she uses her gifts, talents, and abilities to serve God’s kingdom. She is passionate about serving others, learning new things, and teaching people about the Bible. Rebeca always tries to ensure that pastors feel welcome and at home when they reach out to the Center,